Road to Perdition

by pacificphp

Road to PerditionThis movie is one of my most favorite Mafia movies and I have watched it a number of times. According to me all the aspects of this movie are excellent and really it is worth watching. Although all the roles in this movie are excellent but the roles of Tom Hanks (father Michael Sullivan) and his 12 year old son Tylor Hoechlin(Miachael Sullivan Jr.) I like most. The director Sam Mendis has given a good emotional touch to the movie apart from showing the violent way of Mafia wars. The father Miachael Sr. works for his Mafia Boss as a prominent member of the gang and was duty bound to him. But a series of tragedic events takes place and Miachael’s younger son and wife are killed by his own Mafia gang . This makes him to run away with his older son in order to save him and take a revenge for killing his dear ones and here begins the road to peridtion which is travelled by a son and his father. So, in the end I conclude that this movie is truly a work of art and if you havent watched it , I must say that you are missing a great film.


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