My transition to Double Edged Safety Razor

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Sometime earlier last year, after surfing around, I found some strange stuff about Shaving. To me, it was always a big pain, figuratively and literally. But somehow these people found it to be enjoyable. So I started reading up, and mastered some technique, and I’ve found at least one way to get a great shave for cheap.

The idea was that shaving with a regular cartridge razor like a Mach 3 produces a very quick yet sub-par shave. In contrast, the double-edge razor gradually reduces the size of the beard which takes a little longer but results in a closer shave with less irritation. Apparently this is also a great way to shave as a double-edge can easily shave through dense hair without causing in-growns.

The sound of a closer, irritation-free shave sounded very tempting by just giving up the convenience of a cartridge razor.

So when i visited my paternal home this year, got directly to my grandfather’s old stuff, and started digging as i knew my grandfather had all shapes and sizes of razors and he also used to collect them from all over the world.

And i was right ! I found his Shaving box and few used DE razors inside. after few trials i settled for a ” Silver 1975 Gillette Adjustable Double Edge Razor ” sounds impressive doesn’t it 😉 . It has been few months now and now i am in a position to give tips and comments on shaving as not only i am confident enough, i didn’t get a single cut or nick in that period of time.

Here are some of the Pro’s i would like to share:

1. The double-edge razor gives the best value for most wet shavers.

2.Its blades are inexpensive and widely available and provide two shaving edges thereby doubling the value.

3.It provides an exceptionally close and comfortable shave when used properly.

4. Is 100% biodegradable.

5.The razor handle itself is inexpensive, sturdy, and long lasting.

6.The razor is available in a wide variety of styles to accommodate any special needs and there is a model to suit virtually everyone’s style or budget.

One more thing i learned was that  model was first introduced in 1903. Considered the king of all safety razors, this was the model that most of our fathers and grandfathers learned to shave with and the model that Gillette’s fortunes were founded on.


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