Little Big Soldier

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Little Big SoldierDa bing xiao jiang (2010) OR Little Big Soldier (English title)

In the wise word of Old Soldier movie was ” Ting Hao De ” meaning ” Pretty good “.

A dream project of Jackie Chan playing “Big Soldier” for more than 20 years, i would say this was pretty good effort by Jackie Chan to put himself in mainstream acting roles rather than his comic bullet/punch dodging roles in the past and claim a position of good actor rather than a mere comedy/action mash-up star.

The plot is simple but is refreshing and original, and the story progresses through witty plot devices and hilarious situations where JC or Big Soldier is presented as old soldier of Liang state who is cowardly and devious and yet optimistic and good-natured; stumbles upon a wounded general played by Lee-Hom Wang aka “Little Soldier” from an enemy state of Wei.
With the intent of claiming reward for the capture, which is 5 acre of farming land, and most importantly, honorable discharge from the army, he kidnaps him.
JC’s street smartness, self-preservation instincts along with his various gadgets used for feigning death showcases his trademark slapstick humor which we all love. Overall not much action is involved considering it was shot in an era of warring states of china, but few filmed action sequences were quite classy and carried JC’s trademark(those involving him, of-course).
All in all good action, comedy and great acting makes this a movie to watch even if you are not a fan of Jackie Chan.
my rating 7.5/10.

Review by Prashant Kumar Sharma


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