by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Armored (2009)
Armored (2009)Since I first saw the trailer of this movie I was longing to see it. Interesting backdrop, Impressive casting was something I hadn’t seen for some time.

With the likes of Matt Dillon(Mike), Jean Reno(Quinn), Laurence Fishburne(Baines), Amaury Nolasco(Palmer), Fred Ward(Duncan Ashcroft), I was expecting a treat for my aching murderous-maniac alter-ego. I was delighted when I started with Armoured right from beginning as saw every character in their right place, doing what they do best.

Warning: Now if you haven’t seen this movies you should discontinue reading as following text contain spoilers.

The movie was heading for an awesome heist movie until the idiot Ty Hackett played by @&&hole Columbus Short suddenly decides to follow teachings of lord Buddha. I was expecting a stage heist, and hoping the movie might turn into likes ” Reservoir dogs, Simple Plan”. I was red with rage and wanted to kill Ty Hackett with my own hand, after squishing his eyes inside his skull with my thumbs and then pile driving him repetitively on a concrete block until his head smashes in. And you know all this would have just mellowed my anger, a bit.

Enough of that lets see the Pros of movies and there were many, Armored Truck chase, heist with a simplest plan, guns, guts, tense moments and edgy beats. This movie surely has some serious genre-flick potential.

Trivia: There is only one woman who has a speaking role in the movie: the child protection agent. Her role is roughly 3 minutes.

This is a good action movie to watch, and depending on your moral fiber you might even love.

My Rating: 6.5/10.


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