Idioms Relating To Enthusiasm, Impatience

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

  1. Ants in one’s pants People who have ants in their pants are very restless
    or excited about something
    “I wish he’d relax. He’s got ants in his pants
    about something today!”
  2. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed A person who is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
    is very enthusiastic and full of energy.
    “Gary was fantastic!  He arrived bright-eyed and
    bush-tailed at 7 am and worked with us all day.”
  3. Do nothing by halves When a person does everything they are engaged
    in completely and thoroughly, they are said to
    do nothing by halves
    “When she cooks, it’s a four-course meal –
    she does nothing by halves!”
  4. Eager beaver The term eager beaver refers to a person who is
    hard-working and enthusiastic, sometimes considered
    “The new accountant works all the time – first to arrive
    and last to leave – a real eager beaver!”
  5. Eat, sleep and breathe something If you eat, sleep and breathe something, you are so
    enthusiastic and passionate about something that you think
    about it constantly.
    “He’s an enthusiastic golfer; he eats, sleeps and breathes it!”
  6. Fever pitch If a situation or feeling reaches fever pitch, it
    becomes very intense  and exciting.
    “Reaction to the affair has reached fever pitch all
    over the country.”
  7. Fling yourself into something If you fling yourself into an activity, you do it with
    a lot of energy and  enthusiasm.
    “Ever since she flung herself into the anti-pollution
    campaign, she rarely has a free moment!”
  8. Go the extra mile If you go the extra mile, you do more than what is
    expected of you.
    “You can count on Tom; he’s always willing to go the
    extra mile.”
  9. Hold your horses If you tell someone to hold their horses, you
    think they are doing something too fast and
    should slow down and not rush into further action.
    “Hold your horses!  Don’t rush into this without
    giving it careful thought.”
  10. Lick/smack one’s lips To say that a person is licking or smacking their lips
    means that they are showing that they are excited
    about something and are eager for it to happen.
    “They were smacking their lips at the idea of the
    money they were going to make.”

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