How to take a Complete Backup of Firefox

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

I am used to frequently format my PC and one thing which bugs me most after the routine installation of all the softwares i use is, re-installing the addons / extensions of Firefox. Being in the field of web-development i use plenty of them.Sometimes back i found that taking Backup of Firefox is quite easier using addons. I conducted a small research , tried all the addons and finally came up with something that met all my requirements – FEBE Addon.

FEBE( Firefox Environment Backup Extension) is one such addon that has been designed to take complete backup of Firefox.

Steps to get backup of Firefox

  1. Install the FEBE  addon from here.
  2. Restart your browser after completion.
  3. Now in the Menubar choose Tools -> FEBE -> Perform Backup

FEBE Options in Tools Menu

4.Now you will be displayed with a set of Backup options.

5.In the options tab select “Full Profile“.

Options Menu FEBE

6. Then move to the “Directory” tab and select where the backup must be saved.

Select the Path to save Backup files

7. Then “Click on OK” to start the Backup.
8. Step 4 to 7 will be displayed only for first time users. After configuring for the first time, You just need to perform Step 3 alone.

FEBE Backup in Progress

Steps to Restore Backup in Firefox

As mentioned above the same plugin can be used both for backup and restore puposes. So to restore the backup , you need to have installed the FEBE addon in target machine. Here are the intructions

  1. Install the FEBE  addon
  2. Restart your browser.
  3. Now in the Menubar choose Tools -> FEBE -> Restore Profile
  4. Click on “Select local backup to restore” and select the previously created backup file.

FEBE Restore

5. Click on “Start Profile Restore
6. Bingo – Your backup will be successfully restored.


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