IE Tab, IE Tab 2: Mozilla Firefox Addon

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

IE Tab 2 (FF 3.6+) by Preview Image of IE Tab 2 (FF 3.6+) is yet another very useful add-on for Mozilla Firefox as it saves me from the constant hassle of copy and pasting the URLs, I want to open in my Microsoft Internet Explorer. One more great tool for web developers and designers to keep handy.

IE Tab uses your currently installed version of Internet Explorer to render web pages in Mozilla Firefox.

IE Tab for IE Tab 2 for Firefox is a browser extension that allows you to use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a tab. This is useful in many cases where a web page requires Internet Explorer features. Here are some of the many uses for IE Tab:

  • Display web pages that require ActiveX controls.
  • Test web pages with IE’s rendering engine.
  • Use Windows Explorer view to browse files.
  • Use Outlook Web Access.
  • Use IE-only Sharepoint features.


  • Auto URLs – Allows you to specify which URLs should always be loaded with IE Tab.
  • Bookmarks – Set up IE Tab bookmarks which will automatically load a page in IE Tab.
  • IE Configuration – Full support for IE Configuration options directly from within IE Tab.

IE Tab uses the Internet Explorer Web Browser Control to display web pages in Mozilla Firefox. This is the same core engine that Internet Explorer uses, so IE Tab is exactly as secure as your installed version of Internet Explorer is.

You should keep your version of Internet Explorer up to date to make sure you have the latest security patches and improvements.

Some web pages will only work properly when viewed with Internet Explorer. The Chrome IE Tab extension allows you to run IE from within a tab in Chrome enabling you to display such web pages without leaving Chrome, and you can configure the extension to do so automatically for URLs you specify.

Enabling Auto URLs

Whenever Chrome displays a web page, the IE Tab extension checks to see whether the web page should actually be displayed using IE. You designate these pages by setting up Auto URL filters.

Wildcard character

Auto URLs are actually filters that may match more than one URL. You can use the wildcard character ‘*’ to match any string of characters in the URL. Examples:

Regular expressions

Auto URLs may also be specified using regular expressions. Regular expressions are specified by prefixing the Auto URL with “r/”. Examples:

  • r/http\:\/\/www\.microsoft\.com\/.*
  • r/https\:\/\/[^\/].*activex.*

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