Prashant: Meaning of My Name, Prashant

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Unlike English and some other prominent languages, Names in Hindi (Derived from Sanskrit) have a meaning behind them. We (in India) have a comprehensive and successful system of Jyotish or Astrology, which decides the name of a new-born, according to the predicted nature, traits and destiny.  My name,  Prashant (Devanagari Script: प्रशान्त) is a common boy’s name in India. It is derived from the word shant which means calm, quiet, peaceful or tranquil.

There are few theories as to the origin/meaning of the name, listed below in preferential order:

  1. The first is simply that adding “Pra” creates a superlative of “Shant”, so it can be thought of as meaning “Great Peace” .
  2. Second, that it is a combination of two words: “Param” + “Shant” = Prashant (Most Peaceful, Calmest, Quietest).
  3. Of note, the Pacific Ocean is called the Prashant Mahasagar (प्रशान्त महासागर) in Hindi, with the term “Prashant” being used to translate the English word “Pacific“. “Pacific” is an “Ocean” which is deepest and largest and supposedly “Calmest”.

  4. Praha + Shant = Waves + Peace = Wave Resolution ( nondestructive interference amongst waves leading to superluminal faster than light implosion)
  5. One more meaning that can be associated to name “Prashant” is Serious. Where “kant” means Light or aura.
  6. Somewhat irrelevant was that in Sanskrit Pras means interrogation and Hant is to Hunt.
  7. And something even more irrelevant i concurred was that in Sanskrit, Prash means “some special diet given to eat” and Ant means “End”.

Numerological Meaning

People with this name tend to be very spiritually involved. They are often found lost in thought, philosophizing and can be quite eccentric. They can be quite successful in an analytical field, or as a business owner.

Related Names

Names that sound similar to Prashant: Prashanth, Prashanti, Prashanthi
Prashant Comes Under Name that starts with: Pra- , Pr-, P-
Prashant Comes Under Name that ends with: -ant , -nt, -t


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