Top 8 Management Mistakes to Avoid at Workplace / Office

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Manager’s role in coaching employees is key to financial success and a profitable business and not the strategies or the systems of the firm. They ensure implementation by others when they walk the talk and lead by example. Organization staff members do hold managers to a higher level of commitment, integrity, and doing the right thing.

First-time managers face many obstacles, between learning to delegate and navigating the rungs of the corporate ladder between executives and employees. Here, eight easily avoidable missteps to help you on your climb to the top.

  1. Don’t Micromanage Especially for first-time managers, delegating tasks can be a challenge. It’s easy to slip into micromanagement (controlling every aspect of your team’s work) if you can’t trust your reports. Make an effort to assign tasks to individuals by giving them complete ownership. Make sure they know you are there to support them, not second-guess.
  2. Don’t Panic Kimberly Moreland, VP, Rising Medical Solutions, says reacting to work conflicts by taking them personally is a no-no. “Drama leads you nowhere,” she says. “If you act with a calm, systematic approach, you will instill confidence in your organization.”
  3. Don’t Vent Never confuse your employees with your therapist–no matter how close you become. Unloading personal or work-related conflicts on a team member or expecting them to provide emotional support can create uncomfortable relationships in both directions.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions You’re not a superwoman–and one management job does not make you an expert. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make an appointment with your boss or mentor and ask for guidance. Effie Pavlou, a director with the Granite Consulting Group, adds: “I would encourage to demonstrate this in front of staff so that they, too, are more willing to ask questions.”
  5. Don’t Ignore Office Politics Office politics, if ignored, can derail your career. Taking the time to identify issues and keeping tabs on people with agendas that conflict with your own is your first step to avoiding them, says Jennifer Flaa, CEO of software companies Vettanna and Vettanna ToGo. At the very least, keep your guard up.
  6. Don’t Point Fingers Placing blame on your own employees will only create distrust within the group–and make you seem like a weak manager to higher-ups. Instead, recognize that your team is a reflection of your leadership. Shoulder the criticism that is thrown at your team. Letting them know you have their back will create loyalty.
  7. Don’t Be Unavailable Hiding behind a closed door or letting calls go to voicemail are signs that you are unavailable and disinterested in ideas and input from both employees and supervisors. Instead, communicate early and often about goals and performance–and remember that listening is often more important than talking.
  8. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear It’s good to know where the land mines of office gossip are, but don’t let rumors make their way past your desk. Remember, everyone has their own a story and each person’s version puts him or her in the best light possible. Making decisions based on rumors and gossip should be avoided.

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