Word Count Plus: Firefox Addon, Tool for Bloggers and Writers

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Word Count PlusPreview Image of Word Count Plus shows you the number of currently selected words. You can choose to add that number to a counter, in which case you will also see a running total. A great Mozilla Firefox plug-in for article writers, bloggers, even useful when writing official e-mails.

Its icon sits unobtrusively in the status bar. To use, select some text on the page, then right-click and choose Count Words from the menu. The word count will show up in the status bar.

You can also choose Add and Count Words to keep a cumulative word count, so you don’t need to open a calculator application to figure out the total word count across multiple text selections.

Another way to trigger counting is to click in the status bar area:
1. Left-Click to Count Words.
2. Shift-Left-Click to Add and Count Words.
3. Middle-Click or Alt-Left-Click to reset the counts to zero.

To access the full array of commands, right-click in the status bar area to pull up the menu.

1. The Auto Copy Counts option will copy the count to the clipboard immediately after a count is triggered.
2. The Auto Text Deselect option will remove the selection from the text immediately after a count is triggered.
3. The Options dialog allows you to provide a custom thousands separator and a custom copy format.

Additional Features:

1. Can count selected words in a focused textarea or text input box. Notice that the box must have the focus.
2. Has primitive character counting abilities. The character count doesn’t show up in the status bar and you can’t copy it to the clipboard or do anything with it really, but if you want to see the selected and total character counts, you can hover in the status bar panel and they show up in the tool tip text.



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