Top 5 Ways to Change your Negative Vibes to Positive

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

In matters of communication, be it home, your workplace or office or in general, a lot of what we ‘give’ and ‘receive’ depends on our vibes, comprising of following:

  • body-language
  • facial expressions
  • speech tone
  • speech speed
  • eye contact

Here is a list of top 5 Ways to Change your Negative Vibes to Positive, and a guide for self-help to make the transition easily and effectively.

Though these traits comes from your upbringing and your past experiences, your vibe can be changed to bring the best in you. You just need to put in a conscious effort. With regular practice it becomes a part of your personality.

  1. Victim vibe

    Change to: Don’t mess with me vibe

    A senior executive trains and grooms his deputy to take up bigger responsibilities.When the senior retires, it’s assumed s/he will take over. However, he feels everyone is waiting for him to fail. He resigns and lets go of a great opportunity.

    The vibe: “A poor me” vibe can be inhibiting. A victim puts far too much energy into imagining the negatives. At the extreme, this breeds paranoia and leads to negative and suspicious behavior.

    Get over it:

    • Say “I give out positive vibes” and believe in it.
    • Also, learn to say ‘No’: verbally, and through body language.
    • Buy time with vague responses… I’ll let you know, Let me get back etc.
    • Adopt a straight posture and firm body language.
    • With time on your hand, you can decide how to respond to the request.
  2. Arrogant vibe

    Change to: Friendly, but distant vibe

    Impressed by an inspirational speaker, an entrepreneur calls her to discuss work. But her abrupt hello when she picks up the phone turns him off.

    The vibe: Such people tend to blink less, stare harder or have a high-pitched voice. They may come off as arrogant even when they may not be. But in an arena that involves human interaction, this vibe could be a handicap.

    Get over it:

    • Relax, soften your facial muscles and work on the eye and direction of the nose.
    • Tell yourself: I am a calm, peaceful, loving and intelligent person.
    • The voice and demeanour also need to soften.
    • Flash a warm smile.
  3. Indifferent vibe

    Change to: Apathetic

    You walk into your boss’ cabin to share an idea. But he’s absorbed in work and only nods. What do you make of it?

    The vibe: Such people may not be self-centered, but have a strong streak of selfishness. Professionally, s/he may cultivate this attitude to show authority. But personally it can be harmful.

    Get over it:

    • Become more aware on the sensory level.
    • Listen well.
    • Your auto suggestion should be: “I am a good listener and I care”.
    • Turn and face a speaker, make eye-contact and show you care.
  4. Know it all

    Change to: Confident, not cocky

    A sales team meets to discuss a new strategy. As the leader walks in, they snigger, don’t make genuine suggestions or make an effort. When the leader starts speaking, there is an attitude of indifference between members who make it his responsibility to meet all targets.

    The vibe: ‘Know-it-alls’ are detested. They tend to speak loudly, interrupt people and add their own experiences. They often lose support of colleagues.

    Get over it:

    • Their mantra should be ‘I am a good listener’ followed by a gentle but firm handshake.
    • Project humility, confidence but also an eagerness to learn.
    • Consciously adopt a low tone and do not interrupt.
    • Do not give too many suggestions unless asked for.
  5. I’m easy

    Change it to: I’m friendly but not available

    A PR executive often gets asked out. However, her dates are eager to speed the relationship and get confused when she doesn’t comply. She wonders why her men are only interested in physicality.

    The vibe: Many girls give out a friendly vibe that’s construed for being available. Shrill voice, punctuated with giggles, a body language that has a lot of touching, are some of the signs. It may also be that some of them are trained in dance and carry those gestures off-stage too.

    Get over it:

    • Work on facial expressions and body gestures.
    • Give out a very firm and no nonsense vibe.
    • Stop giggling, don’t lean forward while talking.
    • Don’t talk about personal matters while discussing work.


1. Give positive auto suggestions to yourself and believe them. Right before going to bed and as soon you wake up are the best way to make these positive suggestions seep into your sub-conscious.

2. Practice talking in an even tone. Write a script, record your voice and play it back to modulate your voice to bring out the desired the effect.

3. Adopt an erect posture to display confidence, with no sign of a hunch.

4. Practice the above for a week and take feedback from a confidante or counselor. Adapt accordingly.


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