Project Management Tools: Top Practical Uses of PHP, Part-2

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Project Management Tools

For both freelancers and web development firms alike, project management is an important aspect of your business. Your clients need a resource to be able to check the progress of the work and give feedback. Ideally, with a good project management system in place, your clients will be thoroughly pleased with the result.

There are several excellent web-based project management tools on the market today. If you can afford to use a subscription service, I would highly recommend Basecamp. Although Basecamp was written in Ruby on Rails, it is an excellent advertisement for effective, streamlined project management solutions.


A collaborative web-based system for projects and project management; WebCollab is easy to use, and encourages users to work together. The software is functionally elegant and secure without being cumbersome for users, or graphically intensive.
The software is ideally suited to tracking multiple projects and innumerable small tasks across an organisation of any size. If you have reminder notes stuck all over your desk, then you need WebCollab!

webcollab webcollab main_page

For those of us who do not necessarily need a subscription-based product, you can build your own!

Building your own project management tool from the ground up will need a bit of in-depth PHP and some JavaScript knowledge. The most important aspects of the application are securitytime-tracking,collaborative to-do listsfile sharing, a message board, and a live preview of the website – which could simply be a link to an index.html page. Of course, you can add to this list or remove features as you like. The takeaway point here is that you can learn a lot about PHP by creating this application and your customers will be happy to see their project take shape. Showing you how to get started on your own project management tool is beyond the scope of this article, but I hope I have given you a good basis to start generating ideas!


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