How to use Twitter, @ Reply

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

  • An @reply, is any Twitter update that begins with @username.

  • Starting a tweet with @username sends a strong signal to everyone else that this is not to them.
  • Person-to-person Twittering: If you enter a Tweet with @username at the beginning of it, your message is understood as being intended for that particular person, although others will be able to see it.
  • Be sure the person who you want to see your message is following you, or they won’t get it.

People say lots of things on Twitter, and sometimes you want to say something In fact, early Twitter folks wanted to talk to each other so badly that they started using the @+username+message to designate their message as a reply to another person. Now it is an official feature.

You can start a tweet with @username and it will appear in the person’s replies tab. You can also reply directly from someone’s tweet: every update has a curved arrow, just click it to and we’ll automatically add @username to your next tweet. Now you can send a reply to the author of any tweet just by clicking a button!

In above example message is directed to my friend,  Peeyush_dubey84 by me as shown on my Home-page.

@replies are bit annoying if they are used in excess, especially if there are extended periods of back-and-forth between a person you follow and a person you don’t.

Don’t have extended conversations in twitter that are meaningless to followers.

How do replies and mentions work ?

All tweets containing @username are collected for you, accessible by a link in your sidebar. Click on your user name to see all replies made to you, and mentions of your user name.

Replies and mentions must use the user name in order to appear in the original person’s replies tab. All replies and mentions will appear excepting replies from people you’ve blocked.

Please note:

  • People will only see replies in their home time line if they are following both the sender and recipient of the update.
  • People will see mentions in their timeline even if they don’t follow the person mentioned – as long as they follow the sender, they’ll see the mention in their timeline (It’s treated like a regular Tweet.)
  • People with protected accounts cannot send replies to people who aren’t following them, and mentions won’t be seen by non-followers either.



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