Background Image for USB Window : USB Hack

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

This simple, quick USB hack will show you how to create a background image.

To perform this simply copy the following information:

  1. Open a New text file using Notepad or any other Text file editor.
  2. Copy the Following code
    IconArea_Image=your background picture
  3. Change: the IconArea_Image= to the name of your jpeg file…I did: getusb.jpg
  4. Next, save the code above as desktop.ini
  5. Last: place the ini file and the jpg file in the root of your USB drive.

Refresh or reconnect your device and …bamb…USB background image done.
Tip: The image will repeat so when creating the jpeg be sure to leave plenty of white space in your image file.


One Comment to “Background Image for USB Window : USB Hack”

  1. nice thread, thanks . i like ur weblog.

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