8 Facts to remember when Drinking

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Blood alcohol content, or BAC, is a measurement by volume of alcohol in your body. It can be taken with a blood test or with a breathalyzer.

Just The Facts:

  1. An individual’s BAC (Drunkenness) is subject to many variables, and cannot be determined simply by counting the number of drinks consumed.
  2. Alcohol absorbs into your body in your intestines, and it absorbs at a constant rate, no matter how fast or slow you drink.
  3. Hydrating yourself by drinking non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drinks throughout the night will slow your drinking pace, help prevent hangovers, and generally keep you from going overboard.
  4. Body mass is a big factor in determining tolerance. Bodies with lots of muscle can tolerate more alcohol than bodies with lots of fat.
  5. Men generally have higher tolerances than women because they naturally have more muscle mass and women naturally have more fat mass.
  6. It takes about an hour for a drink to take full effect, and about another hour for it to disappear from your system.
  7. Regular drinking can increase your tolerance. It’s like exercise for your liver.
  8. Asians are genetically predisposed to having very low alcohol tolerance. Native Americans are predisposed to having very high tolerance. There are exceptions to each, of course.

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