Criminal Minds

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

My Review: Criminal Minds

Show Summary:

The Behavioral Analysis Unit consists of an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country’s most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their next moves before they can strike again.

Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson as Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, Joe Mantegna as Senior Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi, Paget Brewster as Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss, Shemar Moore as Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan, Matthew Gray Gubler as Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid and Kirsten Vangsness as Analyst Penelope Garcia.Based in Quantico, Virginia, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is a subsection of the FBI. Called in by local police departments to assist in solving crimes of a serial and/or extremely violent nature where the perpetrator is unknown (referred to by the Unit as the unknown subject or unsub for short), the BAU use the controversial scientific art of profiling to track and apprehend the unsub. Profiling entails coming up with basic characteristics of the unsub and the victims (referred to as the victimology), using evidence from the case and matching that information to historic precedents and psychological analyses as a means to solve the case. Because of the nature of the work conducted by the BAU – the work being time consuming and psychologically demanding – its members are fiercely loyal to the Unit and to its other members. Also because of the work’s overall demanding nature, not many members of the BAU have been able to maintain a happy or stable family life.

My Review:

I happened upon this show out of curiosity as I had that channel on while awaiting CSI NY, and I must say, it blew me away!

Another comment had been made about the darkness about this show, and I have to agree- yes, the unsubs are dark and the crimes ghastly but that is just how some of these criminals are hard wired.

I like all the characters, Rossi is great, but I loved Gideon. After watching this on A&E on Friday nights I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t want to be one of the BAU’s relatives- they would be able to read write through you and get in your head, so it would be hard to hide anything from them,lol. I was hooked on the CSI franchise for awhile, but after a while the way they air those things you pretty much know the script as well as the actors. Even if I have seen these as reruns, the psychology of the unsubs makes you feel like when they look into the villains its like looking into that dark room that always made one wary to enter as a child. I recently watched some older episodes online and in spite of seeing them in the past, I was still looking at the story unfold like’ that **** is dark and spooky. I highly recommend it to anyone who not only likes a good who done it but the ‘why’ as well. It can hold its own with any movie I have watched as of late.( spoilers ahead) For instance, catch the episodes about Frank and it will show you a look into how bent the criminal minds can be as well as just what in their past can set them off.

Trivia: In the show’s opening credits, mug shots of real-life serial killers and mass murderers are shown. Among the killers shown are John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez (“The Night Stalker”), Theodore John Kaczynski (“The Unabomber”), Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald.

My Rating: 8.5/10.

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