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September 30, 2010

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by Prashant Kumar Sharma

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June 10, 2010

10 Good First Date Conversation starters

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

The first date can be an awkward experience. You can’t always expect your date to start all the conversations. But most of us have problem striking a conversation or finding a new topic to start. So its better to go into the date with some great conversation starters for those awkward quiet moments on the first date.

Always try to have things to say to the person you are going on a date with. Here is a List of some of the best first date conversation starters, how they give tips and clues about the person in front.

  1. Do you have any pets?
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May 1, 2010

Prashant: Meaning of My Name, Prashant

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

Unlike English and some other prominent languages, Names in Hindi (Derived from Sanskrit) have a meaning behind them. We (in India) have a comprehensive and successful system of Jyotish or Astrology, which decides the name of a new-born, according to the predicted nature, traits and destiny.  My name,  Prashant (Devanagari Script: प्रशान्त) is a common boy’s name in India. It is derived from the word shant which means calm, quiet, peaceful or tranquil.

There are few theories as to the origin/meaning of the name, listed below in preferential order:

  1. The first is simply that adding “Pra” creates a superlative of “Shant”, so it can be thought of as meaning “Great Peace” .
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April 22, 2010

Why I started this blog?

by Prashant Kumar Sharma

This blog was started few weeks ago with the aim of making me a better writer. And if you readers do join me in this journey and pick something along the way from my writings and experience, all the more better.

I am not selling anything to you, readers. Its my resolution that for this year, there is going to be a post for each day, that means starting from the birth of this blog  which is 1st April 2010. And i ever miss a day, i will be covering  for it in the coming days.

It is also a part of my experiment with SEO (search engine optimization) technique, that i am working on to develop, i.e. to lure Search engines with the minimal possible efforts.